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30by30: Climb the Three Sisters

Faith, Hope and Charity, I'm coming for you.


Oh lordy.

EIGHTEEN??? Geez Louise.

Freaking crazy.

Good Morning!

I love mornings. They're a fresh start, a new opportunity, a chance to begin again.

Fair Trade, Human Rights, Social Justice Purchasing

....in a totally good way! These are just some thoughts about decisions I've made recently. WHY I'm buying certain things and NOT buying others. Why I'm a little more strategic with how I purchase coffee and where I buy jeans.


Another GIF blog post!

My Last Tuesday at Smart Solutions

Yes. It's crazy. I'm leaving Smart Solutions. It was a hard decision, I'm going to miss everyone - but it's going to be good, and I'm ridiculously excited about what's happening next.

My First Day as TA

Yay! I absolutely love this class. World religions and cultures have always interested me, so I love getting the opportunity to TA in a class that examines them both. This class is called "World Religions."

I Was Recently Called a Hipster

I'm not sure how to react to the term hipster. Some people would consider it a compliment, some would consider it the worst of the sins. Me... I'm still trying to figure it out.

Social Media - It Hurts a Little Bit

It's a weird thing to say, and I'm not talking about it hurting when someone doesn't invite you to their Facebook event, or tags everyone at the party except you. I'm talking about when businesses totally leave a social media profile to die.