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Six Pictures of Mendocino

My boss sent me an email yesterday with the subject line "pictures."

Holy Mendocino

Sometimes everything feels right. Really, really right.

OH SHOOT: twenty

Ooooooookay, here we go.

30by30: Climb the Three Sisters

Faith, Hope and Charity, I'm coming for you.

Whole30: Day 22

Clean Eating. Who knew, right? Answer: everyone knew. EVERYONE.


Oh lordy.

EIGHTEEN??? Geez Louise.

Freaking crazy.

Good Morning!

I love mornings. They're a fresh start, a new opportunity, a chance to begin again.

Fair Trade, Human Rights, Social Justice Purchasing

....in a totally good way! These are just some thoughts about decisions I've made recently. WHY I'm buying certain things and NOT buying others. Why I'm a little more strategic with how I purchase coffee and where I buy jeans.


Another GIF blog post!