Easter (decorations and food) 2012

By Jen Lewis

I don't EVER remember looking forward to Easter more than I did this year! Mikayla and I planned for weeks, started a Pinterest board and stayed up till 1am working on decorations. And... it turned out just lovely! Tiffany and Sterling came over, ate, played games and then didn't take any leftovers home with them. (AKA - the majority of a ten pound ham is sitting in my fridge)

So, of course, pictures! The ham was *slightly* too big for our slow cooker, but we sawed a bit off and made it magnificent. Sauce recipe: one and a half cups of brown sugar, and half a cup of mustard... Poured it over the ham and had my slow cooker on HIGH for about four hours, then on low for another four or so. And that's not exact, for the record! But OH, that ham was brilliant!

easter-ham-2012.jpg ham-easter-2012.jpg

Other than ham, we had scalloped potatoes, rainbow jello, asparagus parmesan, rolls, deviled eggs and apple pie rolls! (all those links are to the recipes we used... and changed....)

easter-asparagus.jpg scalloped-potatoes-easter.jpg

It was seriously way too much food, but soooo very good!! And now for our Easter decorations! We made some pretty sweet little yarn eggs, but they were A LOT of work... mostly because we are no good at following directions. Lots of glue, balloons, flour, water, food dye, yarn and chrome paint later, it all worked out, though... 

mikayla-makes-yarn-eggs.jpg yarn-easter-eggs.jpg

Then we had these super fun streamers... just some scrapbook paper and yarn! But they seriously make the house SO fun looking! 


I have to post the pictures from the Jello martinis, cos they are just too cool. Mikayla came up with the idea for these... and they're awesome! 

tif-with-jello-martini.jpg jello-martini-cool-whip.jpg

So WOW, a lot of pictures, a really fun day, and of course... the day ended with some Doctor Who. 

Thank you, Jesus, for dying for my sins, and then coming back... because what would we have done without you coming back? Imagine a world that black! Take the time to read through Matthew 28 and remember all He did for us! 

Happy Easter!

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