Life is Oh so Good and oh so Busy!

By Jen Lewis

Life is CRAZY right now. Here's what's happened since I got home from Morocco:

  1. Jumped back into work like crazy! New boss, new responsibilities, good stuff!
  2. Went to San Francisco for the weekend with Netti (LOVE you, girl!). Awesome time, lots of pictures, another blog post.
  3. WARRIOR DASH. Behaved like a man for a few hours and loved every second. How often do you get a chance to crawl through mud and gnaw into a turkey leg? Take what you get, people!
  4. Move out! I am the first RA for the Kilns College, and I'm loving it! Not a ton of students, but I love them and I'm having an awesome time. 
  5. Classes are back! Okay, just one - World Religions. Two nights in and I think it's fabulous. Cannot wait for next week's class on Islam. 

And that's what I've got so far. Quick and simple. If I get a second, I hope to go into a little more detail about everything, but yikes! Free seconds are few and far between. 

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