Social Media - It Hurts a Little Bit

By Jen Lewis

I'm officially branding myself as a nerdy social media marketer, and I don't care. I needed to vent about the state of social media. 

It might just be me, but how do you react when someone says "I just don't see Twitter doing anything for our business." Personally, I want to sit down with them for 24 hours and go over every reason social media is necessary. 

But I don't usually have time for that. Or the spine to say it. 

Here's the thing, businesses. Social media isn't just for chatting up your friends and posting pictures of your pets. It isn't just for drunk history and bragging about your weekend. 

It's where everyone is.

It's where your customers are spending anywhere from 15 minutes to 2 hours a day (or... more?).

It's where your competitors are posting links to their website.

If you aren't there, listening and talking to your customers (and potential customers), someone is going to take your spot.

Listen up, folks.

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