Tiffy Tiffy Tiffy Tiffy Tiffy

By Jen Lewis

Facebook reminded me this morning that it was your birthday, as if I would forget.

You are the person that I have always felt the most intense feelings about. I have a million diary entries of me hating your damn guts for one thing or another, and years and years of nothing but fucking love, love, love. I have cried with you or for you (or because of you) more than anybody else in my entire life. 

You are the only person I cried about (...while sober) leaving Bend for, because I felt like you were the one that I hadn't had enough time with, that maybe I was making a mistake by moving five hundred miles away. 

.......just gotta go get a tissue, brb. 

While I compose myself, here are some ​excellent pictures of us. 

Okay cool, I'm fine, are you fine?

I'm gonna keep this short. You are a fucking star, and you get the blog post with the most swearing. We've had a snapstreak for 141 days now, and I've never been more proud of us. You are a fuckin amazing mom, a fuckin amazing sister, and I wish I wish I wish you didn't live so fuckin far away.

You and Mikayla are my entire world, and I miss you both so much every goddamn day. As much as I really, really love this place I am, it hurts to not be able to see both of you at any time.

I'm crying again, I gotta stop.

Happy fucking birthday. This year is going to be hella better than last year, remember that year? Ugh. So glad it's not that year anymore.

Let's plan a trip like really, really soon. I miss your beautiful face, and you're the best rollerblading (and ice skating) partner ever.

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