About Jen Lewis

Hey! I'm Jen. I've been living in Mendocino County for ​two years. I moved here ​on October ​2, 2016 for a job with a local coffee roaster. These guys are amazing, and introduced me to the Mendocino Coast in such a wonderful way. In September of 2018, I made the transition to a new job, as Outreach Manager for the Point Cabrillo Lighthouse. I had been volunteering at the Lighthouse since moving to the coast, and could not possibly imagine a better position for myself.


  1. Listening to Forest by Matthew Thiessen & The Earthquakes. 
  2. Planning for my next race. Maybe the Bend Marathon? Or the Mendocino Coast 50k? Both?
  3. Trying to figure out where to volunteer now that the place I was volunteering is now my job. We have so many amazing organizations on this coast, with tons of history. I'll have to chat with the Guest House Museum to see what kind of tours I could help out with.
  4. Missing Oregon something fierce. I need to make sure everyone sees the Only Slightly Exaggerated marketing campaign by the Travel Oregon group. These guys are seriously the coolest.
  5. Reading The Voyage of the 'Frolic', but extreeeeeeemely slowly.

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Jen Lewis