3 Week Challenge

By Jen Lewis

Here's the problem: I came to Morocco. I left my gym membership, my running shoes and my exercise mat at home, and came to a country where the main food in every meal is bread, they eat dinner at midnight and drink soda more than water.

It's a big problem. When I chatted with my coworker about the different foods here and everything I'd be doing, we both thought I'd lose weight... and I'm pretty sure the opposite has happened (thank goodness there isn't a scale in this house).

So, I've decided it's time to keep myself accountable for my body! No more just laying back and expecting my body to just stay the same! I got inspired by one of the Michigan-ers, who did a 20 week challenge. I might try that on for size once I get back home, but for the next three weeks, this is my plan...

1. No drinks but water and orange juice. No Sprite, Coca Light, Hawaii or lemonade! I am sticking to good old clean and pure water!

2. No obvious sugars. I'm talking ice cream, cookies, that kind of stuff. I know there's sugar in other foods, but I'm not avoiding that - just the obvious stuff. I do have an exception, though - I get one ice cream a week! Some days, it is just necessary. 

3. One workout everyday. It doesn't need to be crazy intense, but I need to get my body moving again. This morning, I used this 100 workout I found on Pinterest... and I think I'll make my own like it. We'll see how that goes, or if I'll just follow this one. This one was nice, because I could watch Friends while doing all of the exercises (except Jumping Jacks). Also, I couldn't run, because I left my tennies at home.

So that's it! I expect all of my friends and family to keep me accountable to this - even though you can't see what I'm doing on a regular basis! And of course, I have my motivational Pinterest board...


Well I did it the first day! Resisted sugar... but the bread is still a big issue. I eat it when I'm craving sugar now. It's time to go buy a bunch of fruit, I think. Here's the workout I did this morning...


I just wonder how much this is going to help me! I wish I could go out and run a couple miles, but I only brought my crappy shoes. Not good for running! Ohwell. We'll see how this goes!

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