Finally in Marrakech, Morocco!

By Jen Lewis

I have arrived. And the time on my computer has refused to change from Bend time, so it's 2:45am. But really, it's 9:45am! 

I arrived in Marrakech yesterday afternoon around 4:30, went through customs super easy, and met Daniella for the first time! The first thing we did was drive to Casablanca to pick up Miriam… and that was quite the experience. Street signs are nonexistent in that city—I don't know how they do it. We got dinner at the mall, got hopelessly lost, and found our way after *quite* a bit of time. I got to see a lot of Casablanca, which is good, I suppose, because we probably won't be heading back that way. 

SO we were late to pick up Miriam, but she's super sweet, so she didn't mind. Then the 2.5 hour drive back to Marrakech, and we arrived at Daniella's super sweet apartment! It's seriously very cute and I have my own little room (picture…), and I love it! (we got in around midnight)

The flight from London to Marrakech was kind of shaky near the end, but I slept through most of it. I think I'm mostly caught up on sleep now, and I've gotten used to the time change, I think… although the computer is constantly lying to me. Very rude. 

Tea and French toast and a fantastic shower, and we are ready to start the day! Today we're going to head to get some clothes or maybe fabric to make some tunics… try to blend in a bit more. I'll start language classes in two weeks (help me out, guys—Arabic or French?), and I'll be here till July 2!  

So, I'm going to go make myself look presentable, and start my day… more later! 

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