Avenue of the Giants Half Marathon

By Jen Lewis

This race wasn't exactly the culmination of my training. As a matter of fact, May 6 was only the first time I'd run over ten miles in my training over the past three months. (the last time I ran that far was the Bend Half Marathon in 2015!!!) I am super proud of myself for completing it, and I had an awesome time - but whew, that was rough. 

Finish time: 2:06:58
Pace: 9:42 minute mile
Overall: 380th of 1,050
Female: 170th of 691
Female 25-29: 39th of 100

A review of the Avenue of the Giants Half Marathon from a newbie runner:

What! A! Race! 

Packet pickup the day before was super easy. Got my bib and everything I needed. The day of was a whole different story... the Half Marathon started at 8:45am, so we left our campsite (8 miles away) and 7:30am, to give us tons of time. We didn't get our parking spot until 8:40am, after which I ran up the hill to the start line. That's my own fault for not getting started earlier, but whew! I feel so bad for all the kids who got there even later than we did!

After race food was the most necessary and tasty quesadilla I have ever tasted in my life. Thank you to whoever runs that taco truck, you are my favorite people in the WORLD.

I got a medal and a quesadilla. #avenueofthegiants

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The folks at the aid stations were so wonderful and encouraging. Water, gatorade, bananas, oranges, all the necessities, and very often.

I had great conversations with people all the way through the race, because it was a no headphones course. People from all over the states come out for this half, and for good reason: it's gorgeous. All the way through, I would slow down my pace to take time to stare up at the tall trees surrounding us. Every step was breathtaking, and I am so excited to do this race again next year. But maybe the marathon?

A love letter to my friend Jasmine for participating in this adventure with me:

HEY JASMINE. Have I told you how much I appreciate you lately? THANK YOU. Thank you for cheering me on at the finish line. Thank you for campfire dinners. Thank you for wanting to spend exactly as much time in the sun as I did. Thank you for coming with me and keeping me company. Thank you for wearing double buns in your hair all weekend. You're fuckin' amazing, and I so appreciate you taking the time out of your weekend to help me overexert myself and lose all brain function and eat all the calories. I love you!

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