Back in Agadir!

By Jen Lewis

Agadir is beautiful, it really is. But 100+ weather is not. Agadir's beauty still makes up for the heat, but it was a hot and sweaty three days. We stayed at Agadir Beach Club, a really nice hotel that's RIGHT on the water. It legitimately took a minute to get from the doors of the hotel into the Atlantic ocean. (which is good, because when it's 110, you NEED to be in the water that fast!

The majority of our stay consisted of resting. On the beach, at a restaurant, at a cafe, in the hotel room, by the pool, in the pool - it was perfect. I was feeling sick a lot of the time (darn head cold!), but it was still fantastic. One of the days we were there, we did venture out to visit the earthquake museum... and immediately regretted it. Within five minutes of walking out the front door, you sweat through the armpits of your shirt. Within ten minutes, you feel sweat dripping down your back. Within thirty, your entire shirt is soaked through. 

And I'm sure all you blog readers just LOVE the pleasant mental picture there! I apologize. 

You know that quote that says "Ladies don't sweat, they glisten"? It becomes irrelevant in Moroccan summertime - sweat doesn't discriminate according to gender. (unfortunately)

ANYWAY, the museum was kind of cool (as in interesting - not air conditioned). It had pictures before the 1960 earthquake, and pictures from the day of. The guide told us that it was actually 20,000 people killed that day - more than I had put in my last post. Crazy!

agadir-earthquake-1960.jpg earthquake-in-agadir.jpg

I didn't take a ton of pictures on this trip... weird for me! Probably just because I was sick and not looking all that spectacular, sooooooo that's all I've got for this trip!

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