Canyoneering in Morocco!

By Jen Lewis

With two full days left in Morocco, there was just one more thing to do: Go rock climbing! We took a canyoneering trip in the Ourika valley, with Climb Morocco and Splash Morocco. Seriously SO much fun.

It didn't take long, and the trip was gorgeous. We hiked down into a jungle type of area and followed a river down deeper into it. And when I say “followed a river,” I mean, got down into the river up to our waists! It was AMAZING.

We repelled down two sections, connected to Jay (our guide) at the top. The first one was a little scarier, just because I couldn't see it all the way down. The second was probably twice the size, with NO footholds. You basically just slid down, it was so slimy.

But it was beauuuuuutiful! When I was maybe still a foot above the water, Jay DROPPED me in, and I went up to my neck! It was ridiculous!

The trip didn't last too long, but it was amazing. I immediately wanted to go through and do the run again! BUT, alas, I can't get everything I want. Anyway, we got tagine for lunch, and headed back into Marrakech! But now for pictures...

jen-goes-canyoneering.jpg bouldering-morocco.jpg



morocco-canyoneering.jpg waterfall-repelling.jpg


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