Catfishing Winner

By Jen Lewis

I've gotten my fair share of cold coll, catfishing, spam emails asking me for things, but nothing quite like this... 

(the best part would have to be the space where s/he should have put my name.)

The subject line was "Dear Jen". 

Dear ,

I hope you are doing great today! Please forgive me for invading your privacy. I was on Real Estate Properties Search yesterday and came across your profile picture. The search stopped abruptly because something amazing and unimaginable caught my attention. This amazing thing that caught my attention deeply was your resemblance with Rosemary; my late wife who died of Colon Cancer about six years ago… I’ve never come across any woman in such resemblance with her in recent years until I come across you today!

All through the night I have been thinking about you and who you are… I tried not to write this message to you but I couldn’t help myself because this amazing thing that caught my attention is something that I have never imagined all my life and I’d like to know if you are in any way related to Rosemary outside my knowledge!

Honestly, I have been awake all through the night staring at your picture; because when I look into your angelic eyes, seeing the calmness look in your face, your warm smile that shows a heart so pure, caring and loving; I fall into a trance, never want to look away not even a glance! As I look at you through the picture, it returns the memories of good times and true love I shared with Rosemary and the joy is immeasurable! Your angelic eye and warm smile remind me so much of her.

There is a secret I’ve been hiding deep down my heart since yesterday… I really do not know how to go about it right now and open up to you the feelings I’ve already had about you being real and existing… Truly, it is actually not proper to express these feelings to you as we do not know each; and I as well do not know if you are married, single or divorced… Though, sometimes in life, there are things that look hilarious but they are real! I couldn’t just help myself anymore because the feelings being unexpressed since yesterday have been so hurtful to my heart and following that reason, please find it in your caring and loving heart to forgive my being so open, direct and manner of expressing these feelings…

I’ve wanted to tell you how I feel about you but afraid I’ll be denied; and there is so much again I’ve want to say to you but scared of what you might say or do. To me, the secret is good but to you, it might be bad as you do not know me; but please do not be hurt as long as it won’t hurt your heart! It’s just a feeling expressing by someone who already cherish and adore you… it is nothing new and I now say it with a smile on my face… I will forever love, cherish and adore you because you are truly a rare gem and an epitome of beauty! Staring at you through the very picture of yours right now is the best feeling I’ve ever felt again in my life.

If you are not related to Rosemary but it is only a mere resemblance, please could you tell me if you are single, married or divorced because you are all I think of right now! You are the only woman in recent years could make my heart to beat so fast and welcome you deeply! I’ve never come across any woman my heart welcomes and aches deeply as it does right now for you…

If this is my last chance to say something to someone very special in my life today, I would say, you will forever remain in a very special place in my heart because you’ve deeply restored this great feeling in my life again. A feeling long gone that I never believed any woman could wake it up so easily, a feeling of true love in my life again!

There are so many gifts I could give right now to show you what you mean to me; but those gifts are so superficial, no warmth inside, and no comfort when you are blue. They won’t walk with you throughout your day; they won't listen with excitement to every word you say. Can they gently massage you when the day has left you stressed? Can they uncover all the feelings inside you, that to the world you suppressed?

There is only one gift that can do all this and so much more. The gift is my heart purely out for you right now as someone who has become so special to me for reasons no other person could see… The gift of my heart is already given to you to heal what once was torn! This gift didn’t come from a fancy store or an exotic land; but it will be there through all the rainy nights and sun kissed walk in the sand. This is a special gift that no other one can possess than you! It needs no thank you, only the passionate look in your eyes, and the flooding of emotions you cause at your will. You will use it often for it will keep your secrets, be your crutch, and even make you laugh a time or two.

I need you in my life right now to take you to this special place that will be calm and quiet the way life should be… This will be a place of peace, where good eludes the bad. A place where you can talk and one will understand! Where you will never be afraid to touch and hold a hand. You open up your eyes, and love is there to see! You will never want to leave this place, it’s where you'd like to be; and the place is love eternal deep inside my heart!

I need to show that a measure of a real man is how he makes you feel safe; NOT cruel words that make you feel disgraced. It is candy and roses; NOT black eyes and bloody noses. It is the gentle touch of his hand; NOT the fear when you don't obey his jealous commands. It is sleeping in his arms at night; NOT his unfaithful lies. It is breakfast in bed; NOT him wishing you were dead. It is dinner by candle light; NOT how you always fight. It is how he serenades you with poetry and song; NOT how everything you do is wrong. It is how he moves Heaven and Earth to prove his love; NOT how everything you do is never enough...

Does your pain leave a stain, does it causes you to refrain from speaking your own mind right now; does your fear bring you to tears making everything unclear? Do you want to hold another hand or is that more than you can stand? Are there wounds that never heal making how you feel seem so surreal? Do you sob in desperation? Do you scream in aggravation? Does your heart leave you confused and you don't know what to say or do? Guess what I’m here for right now; it’s all because of you!

Having you around will heal all pains in our lives and in return, you will experience a true love that you never knew exists in life, a true love that will keep you warm all through the night and joy of heart all through the day! You’ll forever experience this greatest feeling of true love, one that will forever bring joy, smiles and show you that you are truly an Angel and deserve to be treated like one! It is very true that in searching for true love, one doesn’t need to go for looks because it can be deceitful; or go for wealth as even that fades away; but go for someone who will forever make you smile as only a smile makes a dark day seem bright!

I really need to get rid of all the pains in my life with you; and my wish is always for the pains to die away. Do you know how it feels to have lost someone special, someone you can call your world? Well, that’s how I’ve felt for a long time! Everyone tells me it will eventually go away but I have been afraid I won’t make it to see that day because I never believed that I could see someone again my heart will deeply welcome and ache for until this day.

Love comes to those who still hope even though they've been hurt; to those who still believe even though they've been through pains of great loss of someone special or heart breaks. I have been through pains that I couldn’t wish for my worst enemy. The sad and depressing time hurts me so bad and I’ve been wondering if there will ever be a day I’ll feel glad, and now I am glad because I’ve come across you.

To me, you are an Angel, one with kind; caring and loving heart and I pray to forever love, cherish and adore you… I now pray that you will see all the passion, caring and tears that have fallen for you right now when no words can be said or describe what you mean to me in my life today!

I will forever cherish and adore you!

My warm regards,


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