Farewell Morocco!

By Jen Lewis

Okay, I'm not going to lie, I was getting excited to see America. I was ready to drive my car, hug my family, and not sweat through everything I'm wearing. BUT, leaving Morocco was really, really sad. The people I met, the friends I made and the experiences I've had here have been absolutely spectacular, and I wouldn't trade them for ANYTHING.

But all good things must come to an end, and it was time for my Morocco trip to do the same. My flight left at 130pm from the Marrakech airport. Daniella's friends drove us there, and she walked me up to customs. I shed tears. Obviously. She's been such a huge blessing, and I can't believe I'm just... leaving!? Crazy!

My last full day in Marrakech consisted of souvenir shopping for my family back home... and I'm so proud of what I got for everyone! Ooooo, they're all going to be so excited. The Djemma El Fna is so super cool... I can't believe I can't just take the nine bus down there at any time I want! Ahhh! (not like I ever actually DID that...)

On my last night, we all played Carcassonne one last time... and I lost. I'm very disappointed in myself—I won the two other times we played! Lameee. I said goodbye to the Parks (damn, I am going to miss those kids!!), and we tried to watch the Avengers... but it was in French.

The next morning, we had one last business meeting with the man who is re-designing Daniella's website. Got some more things figured out, had more coffee, said farewell to Gueliz.

Then... that was it! We headed to the airport, I said farewell to the Jones (ahhhh, I'm going to miss that little girl so much!), said by goodbyes to Daniella and was done. I got on my plane, overloaded on sugar and started off to London!

Ohhhh, London... you deserve your own blog post.

So that's that. If any of my lovely Morocco friends are reading this, you guys are the best. You have been such a blessing, and have made my trip the best adventure it could possibly be! You have all made such a difference in my life, and I will be sososososo disappointed if we don't keep in touch! I love you all!!

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