My First Day as TA

By Jen Lewis

I'm a Teacher's Assistant Again!

Class started at 6:30, but I was feeling like an overachiever today, so I was in at 5:30. Which was totally ridiculous, apparently, because The Kilns was locked. Thankfully, my mum has a key and I made it in around 5:45. 

The students start trickling in around six (it must be early in the school year...), and took their tests, met me and lounged around chatting before class officially started. 

Then we were off! A little about the professor... Mike Caba. I adore this dude. This is my third time being his TA, and I've been in many of his classes and lectures before this. What I love about this guy is he loves what he does. Teaching, religions, answering questions and archaeology are his passions, and even though his classes are on Mondays (bad enough), and from 6:30 to 9:00 at night (way worse), he always comes in smiling and laughing and having a grand old time. This guy is the best. 

Class rolled through smoothly, I collected scores, got to talk to some of the students and got everything figured out. I'm going to love sitting in on this class again - it's amazing how much more you can learn the second time around.

Today was a good first. 

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