Happy Fish Fingers and Custard Day!

By Jen Lewis

Basically, the Central Oregon Whovians know how to party. Bridget brought bananas (because you should always take bananas to a party), we had fish fingers and custard, and had an overall spectacular time! 

fish-fingers-custard.jpg fish-fingers-doctor-who.jpg

We were, of course, celebrating the two year anniversary of "The Eleventh Hour," so we had to indulge in a bit of Doctor Who obsessiveness, and watch the episode (thank you, Netflix!). Had we all watched it before? Yes. Did we dip our fish fingers into our custard at the exact same moment as Matt Smith? Yes. Did we take a custard mustache picture? Yes.

custard-moustaches.jpg custard-moustache-doctor-who.jpg

To see the lovely scene that inspired this party... well it's on YouTube, of course! Fish Fingers and Custard. As for the taste... it was brilliant! But I wouldn't suggest it to a non-whovian. It simply wouldn't be the same. 

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