Hello, San Francisco!

By Jen Lewis

I think I like San Francisco? I haven't spent a lot of time here (strike that - I've spent no time here), but from everything I've heard, and what I've seen from the airplane flying in, I'm a fan. PLUS, my bestie Netti and I will be flying down here in August for a fun little vacation!

BUT, I'm only here for a layover today, and I'll be in the air again (or at least in a plane) around 1pm. It's only 8:30 now, so I've got a lot of time to kill.

Flight was nice. I met a cool guy named Tom, and he got me into the United Airlines VIP lounge, so he's pretty much my best friend now (sorry, Netti). And he's over 50, so stop thinking what you're thinking, creeper readers.

Mmmm, now I have a bagel and some guava juice, so I'm set.

The flight from Redmond to San Francisco is only an hour, so I just chatted with Tom the whole time, and got to see a lot of the beautiful scenery. Gosh, it's a pretty flight! Flying over Crater Lake was gorgeous, and Mount Shasta was absolutely beautiful!

So Tom. My seatmate. Scottish! Lives in Bend, but works in Korea, so flies an awful lot. He was super jealous that I was going to Morocco, and excited for me. I kept asking him questions, cos I just liked listening to his accent... he suggested that I visit the Globe Theater while I'm in London on the second, and I think I just might! The Taming of the Shrew is playing that evening, at 730. My flight comes in at 5pm, so I'm not sure that I'd make it, though. We'll see how that goes. 

But anyway! Nothing TOO exciting to report, so I guess I'll stop for now. I'll write again once I hit London... tomorrow... at 7am...

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