Jen Goes Skydiving!

By Jen Lewis

I would just like to say... I WENT SKYDIVING!! And it was ridiculous and terrifying and beautiful! It happened on Sunday the 15th... I signed my life away and then jumped out of a plane. Smart move? Try best move ever! I payed a ton of extra money to get the photos and video, and it was so worth it. 

Here are a few pictures to keep you reading... Jess and I, walking out to the plane. 

jen-skydiving-oregon.jpg jess-skydiving-oregon.jpg

Jess and I had discussed forEVER before, when we were actually going to feel like we were actually going skydiving. I can honestly say that I was scared at three points: 

  1. When I initialed the million pages that said I might die, and I could never sue them or hold them responsible, my family couldn't sue and basically, even if it was their fault, I held all responsibility. "Cool, let me just put J.L. next to that."
  2. When they opened the plane door. (and they warned me about that too). Realizing that I was 9000 feet up in the air and about to actually... JUMP? What on EARTH was I thinking???
  3. As I put my feet over the edge. Scariest moment of my life. You can see the look on my face (and gather exactly what I was thinking) in the image below.
about-to-jump-skydiving.jpg falling-out-the-plan-skydiving.jpg
skydiving-flying.jpg skydiving-oregon.jpg

Most ridiculous moment. Ever. I screamed for two seconds (at least that's what I think.. we'll see when I get the video!), and then I just.... fell. I wasn't exactly counting, but they say that you freefall for anywhere from 30-60 seconds before the chute is pulled. Once they pulled it, we just floated, and I got to take a look at the scenery and realize that I wasn't dead! 

I was told that we had a "line twist," after my feet were safely planted on the ground. I'm still not certain what that means, but I'm alive, so all is good! 

I'll get my "professional video" in about three weeks, and depending on how I feel about it, I just might post it. All in all, I loved every terrifying second of skydiving, and I'm ready to go again. Like now. Like why am I typing and not jumping out of an airplane? 

Check out where we went: Skydive Oregon. Around $200, unless you pay extra and get sweet photos (and video), like I did! Now it's time to go back and become licensed...


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