My Last Tuesday at Smart Solutions

By Jen Lewis

My Last Tuesday at Smart Solutions

Tuesday is a weird day to document, but today was the day that EVERYONE found out. I told Doug first, who was SO amazing, and the best kind of boss. Then I emailed Mark, we had a meeting, they told Cindy, we told Susan and now finally, we've made the announcement to everyone else.

Everyone knows! 

It's good not having to hide the fact that I'll only be with them three more days, but also quite, quite final. Obviously, it was always final... but now it's even more so. Because that makes sense!

I finish up on Friday, pack up my stuff and never come back! Well, I don't really have anything to pack. Also, I'm allowed back. So hmm. 

What's Next?

Good question! Lot's of things. That's the answer to that. I'm taking on the roll of Social Media Evangelist for The Justice Conference, which is exactly AMAZING. I'm also going to be a manager for the Kilns Bookstore, take on a few other social media clients and basically have a lot more time on my hands for volunteering and walking and not being inside all day. 

It was SUCH a blessing to find these opportunities, and I'm so happy about everything. I've been walking on air a little bit the last two weeks, and it's been a splendid experience. The next couple months ahead are going to be tricky to navigate and a lot of guesswork, but I'm excited and ready to take it on! 

My last Tuesday was good. 

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