A Little Update on Me!

By Jen Lewis

Hey everyone! 

SO. I've been in Morocco in North Africa for eight weeks, and it's been amazing. I've learned how to write in Arabic script, speak the Moroccan dialect (schwiya, schwiya!), I've made some awesome friends, got a tan, got stitches for the first time (is that an accomplishment?), tried new foods, held snakes, rode camels and just... had an awesome time.

Updates on me... I'm still feeling a little sick as of now. I'm blowing my nose like crazy and praying that I won't have to go through this on the plane! Please go away, please go away!!

My hand is sooooo much better! It's all scabbed up nicely now, and it doesn't even look like there will be a scar! (but I must admit, I was kind of excited to have a forever reminder of Morocco...)

Souvenirs... I guess it's time to get started on that? Going shopping Sunday for all you greedy people back home. ;)

London! I've got my plan alllll figured out. I arrive at 5pm, drop my stuff off at my hotel, then take the tube down to Green Park station, and go walk around and see the Buckingham Palace, the London Eye, Waterloo Station (just for you, Mikayla!), and THEN - take a nigh tour! Sunset is around 930, apparently, and that's when my tour starts. I get to see everything from an open top bus! Oh, I love being a tourist! Should be good. 

And then.... I'll be home! I fly back into Redmond around 530 on Wednesday night... then I get to have hamburgers and fries with my family. Yay! I'm excited to see everyone, and be in 70/80 degree weather. Sounds SO nice. 

Love you guys! See everyone soon!

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