By Jen Lewis

It's OCTOBER THIRTEEN which means the latest installment in my favorite blog series ever... oh and look it's also your birthday, Mikayla! What a coincidence. 

I ran through a whole bunch of ideas in my head before I chose my subject. Because frankly - we share a lot of obsessions. Like a pretty ridiculous amount. To date, we've covered Studio Ghibli, Doctor Who, Psych, Community, Marvel, Taylor Swift... I mean, we're pretty good at this. 

But since we've done this for three years, is our material getting low? 



Ahem, welcome round SIBLINGS. 


BECAUSE SIBLINGS ARE THE BEST. Between the three of us, we've obviously got a pretty solid hold on life. But we're talking about you, because today, you win everything. You're on top. 

But don't let it get to your head. You know what happens what one sibling takes it too far.

ANYWAY. Let's get down to business. (Yeah, we all know, everyone's singing it) (why aren't there any siblings in Mulan?) (dumb.)

BIRTHDAY. I'm not going to lie to you, Mikayla. Nineteen sounds like the most boring of the ages. Almost as bad as twenty-three. BUT I remember having a really good nineteenth year, so I have hope that you can turn this around. 

(I know you'll never watch supernatural, but you can expect a lot of Sam and Dean in this post)

I have a feeling that you'll make this year pretty spectacular, because that's just what you do. You have the most amazing knack for finding the brilliant in the ordinary, and making it SHINE. You are an astounding light, and it's always a joy to get to watch you be you.

By golly, looking through all these sibling gifs and seeing a LOT of fighting. How have we avoided that for so long!? It's probably because you're the nicest person ever, but if you ever need to let out your angry side on me, you let me know. Lord knows i deserve it a WHOLE bunch.

Please don't freeze my heart, though.

Don't kick me across the room either.

HEYYYYY lets not fight.

A little passive aggressive Holmes style family love for one another is always fine by me, though. 

Let's just stick with group hugs and happiness and DIBS ON HAN SOLO, YOU GET TO BE LUKE.

(Also, when you google "Luke and Leia gif," it's always just their kisses, no friendly sibling love. Geez, Internet.)

I don't know where I was going with this.

What I'm TRYING to say is that I know how crazy lucky I am to have you as a sister. And I'm pretty sure everyone else knows how lucky they are to have you in their lives. And they're definitely all jealous that me and Tiffy get to claim you as ours. 

I hope you know how loved you are and how special you are, and I hope that I get better at telling you that on more days than just your birthday! You're a rockstar and an angel and everything anyone could ever want in a sister. (Minus a drinking buddy, but you've got a couple more years until then)

I love you, let's be siblings forever. 

Happy nineteenth birthday!

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