Happy Birthday, Sister! (anime gif version)

By Jen Lewis

It's an anime gif kinda birthday, wouldn't you say?

I'm pretty sure that every day should be an anime gif kinda day.

Maybe it's just me. 

SO. First of all, you're sixteen. Which kind of makes me feel like this: whisper of the heart

spirited away

But, I'm getting through it... it's just super weird that you're so dang OLD! (and it means I'm getting old too). Birthdays, of course, should mostly be spent stuffing our faces with cake and pizza and other healthy things. Something like this:

howls moving castle

And we had that eating thing handled PRETTY well last night, wouldn't you say? The other thing that all birthdays have in common is presents, so this was me yesterday, rushing to get you something, because I put things off like that:


And because you're sixteen and all grown up now, you'll probably start meeting boys and falling in love and all that jazz, but you have to promise me that you'll only hang out with the boys we've always talked about.. like this guy:

spirited away

Or this guy:

porco rosso

Just kidding, more like him:

howls moving castle

Or him:


BUT, if that doesn't work out, being a crazy cat lady is awesome too:

the cat returns

the cat returns

the cat returns

Because sometimes dating is like sticking your finger into a crack in the wall - you have no idea what's going to happen:


(I needed an excuse to put that GIF in there, and I couldn't figure out any other way to do it)

BUT ANYWAY. It's your birthday, so just be happy and awesome and sixteen! Love you, sister!

howls moving castle

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