OH SHOOT: twenty

By Jen Lewis

EVERY YEAR. Every year. Like CLOCKWORK, Mikayla turns a year older. 

And with that, comes a few things... presents, pancakes, cake, dinners, balloons, BLOG POSTS.

Mikayla, I wish I could be there celebrating with you today, but I am 500 miles away, and this is the very best I can do. (except keep checking the mail, because I can do a little better) (I'll send you tracking when I have it)

Anyway. You've turned sixteen, seventeen, eighteen and nineteen before, so I know the drill. (In addition to me turning twenty, twenty-one, twenty-two and twenty-three), which means we've BOTH turned twenty now, and gotten gif blog posts, so it's like a pretty big day, in addition to it just being your birthday, and you no longer being a teenager. 


*she's, referring to me.


It's like I don't even know you anymore.

Did I mention I chose SNL? I chose SNL.

Alright, let's talk about this. You've been alive for twenty years. 240 months. Around 7300 days. And you're not even halfway done. You know how many more years you've got!? Do you!??? Because if you have that power, it's pretty rude of you to not share.

If not, that's okay. You're only twenty, you've got some time.

Even though I'm not there to celebrate, I know you're going to make this day (and this week and this year and this decade) the absolute BEST. You have the brightest spirit and the most amazing smile, and the cutest laugh and I miss you a bunch!

I cannot WAIT for you to come and visit me! Because we have Alcatraz and Frank Morris and SO much to do together. I imagine you will join me in being a ​CALIFORNIAN soon, right?

HAPPY BIRTHDAY. I love you. I miss you. Come visit. Have fun. One more year till we REALLY celebrate your birthday.

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