Mikayla Turns Twenty-Three

By Jen Lewis


It's 10:36pm, you left an hour ago, I cried, it was fine. I'm so glad I got to spend another birthday with you, because they're always so special, because you're so special. It was hectic and hilarious and you let me bring my boyfriend along, and it was spectacular. 

Pumpkins, brunch, showing up late for church, UNO, board games, wine and cake and JOY and I love you so much. I'm going to finish this before midnight, but hopefully you won't read it til tomorrow because you should be sleeping.

I hope you didn't think I forgot about this! Most important tradition of all time! I wanted it to be after everything, so you got a little more birthday love on Monday. It's a Full Moon after all. Eat your Wheaties. 

An Important Recap:

Mikayla Rae

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Jennifer Ryan

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Continuing On...

We just finished Kiki's Delivery Service, and I just SO want to do another Studio Ghibli blog post, but I feel like I should wait at least a decade until we start re-using fandoms? I mean IMAGINE how much we would get out of the Marvel universe these days. 

I'm not sure if this is cheating, because I've been watching a this show every day for the past month, but I think you'll forgive me because this blog will feature a lot of the coolest guy on television.



That's right, it's PARKS AND REC THEMED. 


23 was a really big year for me, as you well know. I packed up my whole life and got way outta town, and it was 100% one of the best decisions of my life, and also the scariest. And this is both a curse and a blessing I'm sending your way... I hope this year is SCARY.


That's right. I want you to take chances and risks and do things that are way out of your comfort zone. I want you to go on trips by yourself and eat foods you know you'll hate and go on dates that have a 50% chance of being super lame/awkward/weird.


I mean it, girl. Channel that inner Donna. Get out there and get some free food.



Because you never know what kind of good things come your way when you just decide to let fear go and just be open to... whatever!


Which is very open-ended and confusing and might be terrible advice, but you're coming to someone that is just a few years older than you, so what did you expect!? I work at a lighthouse, I don't know anything unless it's about late 1800s seafaring navigation.


But I do know that being open-minded is fun and scary and exciting and brings a lot of great things.



Okay, so it's creeping closer to midnight, and I have 2.5 hours to drive and a lot of tears to cry again tomorrow, so I'm going to log off and climb into bed.


I miss you already, I hope your birthday was LOADS of fun and magic. I hate to repeat it year after year, but you are the most positive and wonderful person I know. You bring so much joy and love to every room you walk into, and every person that has the opportunity to be in your life better fuckin know how special you are. And if they don't, they suck and don't deserve to be anywhere near you.


Don't let anyone tell you you're anything less than the damn best, because we all know it to be true. If you ever need some reassurance on that fact, just read this excellent list of compliments, most of which can be applied to you, because you ARE a cunning, pliable, chestnut-haired sunfish.




And as I'm heading out tomorrow morning...


Love you, babe.

Happy birthday.

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