Good Morning!

By Jen Lewis

I don't take advantage of mornings enough. In my ideal world, I'd wake up before dawn, go for a run and watch the sun rise over a gorgeous new day. I'd come home and make a smoothie, read whatever new book I've acquired on my shelf and listen to some U2 on the record player before logging onto the computer and starting my work day.

Unfortunately, my days don't typically begin that way (correction, they never do). I typically wake up after the sun has risen, take a shower and log onto the computer immediately.

It's not a horrible way to live - I get my work done and take advantage of the rest of the day for adventures and accomplishments - but mornings are special, and I wish I treasured them enough to treat them with the respect they deserve. 

Frankly, I'm open to suggestions on this endeavor. I've gone to bed earlier, set a dozen alarms and laid my running clothes out the night before - but motivation to get out of bed and trek out into the below freezing air outside is hard to muster up. 

I love mornings. But I simply don't get enough of them. 

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