Wait... Obsession? Pinterest? Me?

By Jen Lewis

You know that song in Tangled? "7am, the usual morning line-up: start on the chores and sweet till the floors all cleeeeeeean! Polish and wax, do laundry and mop and shine up... sweep again, and by then, it's like 7:15!" (Mandy Moore sings it better)

For me, it goes "7am, the usual morning line-up: turn on computer, go straight to Pinterestttttt! Swallow some food, put clothes on and refresh Pinterest... refresh again, and by then, you're late for work!" (I will leave song writing to Disney)

But seriously. The word "obsessed" doesn't even begin to describe how I feel about my new favorite social network.

Let's review my work. In January, I made fun of my sister for her Pinterest. I told her it was just another fad and I wasn't going to join, because I didn't need to waste any more of my life. I held onto that for about a month and a half. I think I joined myself in early March, because of my work. Apparently it was some sort of "big thing," so I figured I should get on board.

What a horrid idea. My current activity... 17 boards, 876 pins and 223 likes. Below is a brief description/defense of each of my boards...

  • With unlimited funds and an unending shopping mall...
    I'm going shopping with my grandma this weekend!! This board is NECESSARY.
  • Volkswagens only, please
    I love my Volkswagens. And I post pictures of my own little bug, so this one is staying around for a while. (PLUS, it's the board with the most followers! 152, score!)
  • Could I crochet?
    I honestly don't crochet a lot... but if I did, this board would be really helpful...
  • Not Just Yet.
    This is my typical girl Pinterest board... WEDDING!!! Please alert my nonexistent boyfriend.
  • Here comes summer
    Because I need SOMETHING to look forward to! Come on, look at those pictures!
  • Thinking about home
    Someday I will own my own home. And I'll need ideas. Why not gather some now? 
  • When I start to enjoy cooking...
    Don't go to this board unless you're ready to get hungry. DAMN, this stuff looks good. I don't cook a lot, but if I did/when I do, I will refer to this board.
  • I need a doctor...
    I do NOT need to defend this. Doctor Who... Pinterest... what a time-drainer.
  • Treehouses!
    Okay, this board is not necessary. But woooo! Pretties!
  • I moustache you a question
    Yeah. Not necessary. But fun?
  • Easter!!
    This WAS necessary at one point, but... not anymore. It just seems SO sad to delete a Pinterest board! How do I do it?
  • To do:
    Someday, I will do all these things. Just not now, or tomorrow, or anytime after that.
  • I wish...
    Things I wish for. (So, basically, I'm disappointed with my life? Maybe not the best way to show my life to the world?)
  • TOMS <3
    Love for TOMS! I love TOMS, especially when they're painted fun and pretty! I'm keeping this board, you can't convince me otherwise!
  • Because I can
    This is my random board. Things that don't fit anywhere else, I post here... because I can! Ha! This board is actually tied for followers with my VW board, at the moment.
  • Black+White
    I needed to feel artsy in some way, and this is my attempt. I LOVE this board!! Such gorgeous pictures. AND, it's only just ONE follower below my tied VW and Because I can boards.
  • Goal: Favorite Auntie
    My sister is PREGO, so this board is my attempt at becoming the favorite auntie! This board is so fun. I love kiddos! Can't wait till November!

That's my lame attempt at trying to defend my Pinterest obsession. It obviously didn't work, so I'll keep being obsessed and the rest of the world can move on!

In other news... follow me?

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