A Need for Adventure.

By Jen Lewis

I have friends living in South Africa right now. I know people that are ready to drop everything and go live in Iraq for half of a year. I have friends studying abroad. I know people that are heading back to Africa for the second time in six months. People are taking awesome trips and getting out of the country and having adventures!

I like adventures. 

This time last year, I had just about cemented my plans for Morocco. On May 1st, I booked my ticket, and on May 8th, my plane took off. I took a chance, I decided to go on an adventure. I stayed in Morocco for almost two months, had an amazing time, met some amazing people... and then I came home!

Why did I come home?

Just kidding. I love home. Bend, Oregon is legitimately the best. BUT... I really like adventures, and I think I'm due for another one. 

And for those of you about to say "JEN. You just went to Philadelphia for a week! You went to Las Vegas in January! Isn't that enough for you???" ... my answer is NO, that is not enough. Because there are MORE places.


San Francisco, Morocco, Vegas, Disneyland, Philadelphia... this is a little display of just a few of the places I've gone and the things I've seen. I would greatly like to expand this display. 

God made the world REAL big, guys. I may have been a lot of places, but that's certainly no reason to stop. There's a lot more to see, and I plan to see a lot more. 

Where to next? Who knows.

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