Off to Agadir, Morocco

By Jen Lewis

LOVE this place! Agadir is absolutely gorgeous! It has a sad history and reason for being gorgeous, though. The town is built on a mass grave. In the 60s, there was a massive earthquake that killed over 1/3 of the population. That's over 12,000 people, from a quake that lasted 15 seconds, and was less than a six on the Richter scale. That’s just the way Morocco medinas were built up—close buildings, tall buildings, with large families living on each floor. While were in Fes, I was worried of the same thing—a quake there would be devastating, because the medina is HUGE.

SO that's the history behind Agadir—and because the devastation was so huge, there was no way they could recover all the bodies, so they covered up the destruction and rebuilt Agadir. So everything in Agadir is new and clean—less than sixty years old. It looks completely different than any other city I’ve visited in Morocco.

We visited Agadir for a business meeting that turned out to be way later than we thought it was, so we got a lot of time to see some of the city! The beach was gorgeous...


agadir-morocco-paintings.jpg agadir-morocco.jpg

Bird Valley Agadir

One of the things we had time to do was visit a bird zoo! A super cool place in Agadir is the Valley of the Birds... which actually has a ton of other animals too. Daniella and I walked through and took a ton of pictures and fed a ram! We were going to head over to the Earthquake museum next, but it was time for our meeting, and from out meeting we went straight home! Such a super fun day! (oooo, and no getting pulled over!)


agadir-bird-park.jpg agadir-flamingo.jpg



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