Happy Birthday Tiffy!

By Jen Lewis

Happy birthday, Tiffy! ..pregnant tiffy..

Now, I have friends that have turned 21 without taking a single drink. While I respect them for their choice, I shan't be taking that route. Tiffany... well she didn't plan to take that route, but when you're pregnant, you kind of have a choice to make. (good job on making the right one, Tif;)

That being said, you can still have FUN without drinking (although some people may convince you otherwise), and we had a lovely night with Tiffy and family, eating pizza and cherry pie! 

tif-cherry-pie.jpg tif-opens-presents.jpg

Sooooo, happy birthday, Tiffany! I hope your day was fabulous... and after Baby West arrives in November, we can actually celebrate your 21st like it's meant to be celebrated! (except I won't be with you, because I have another two years to go)

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