Visiting the High Atlas Mountains

By Jen Lewis

Today was fantastic! Lots and lots of driving, through the most amazing scenery! Rather than describe it to you, let me show you... 

The High Atlas Mountains! 

high-atlas-mountains-morocco.jpg high-atlas-mountains-river.jpg

village-high-atlas.jpg valleys-high-atlas-mtns.jpg

It was seriously breathtaking the entire ride. We passed through several villages, and it was interesting to see the differences. The first one we went through (I'm afraid I can't remember the name) was seriously exploited. Everyone tried to sell us things through the windows of our car, and it was just CROWDED. It was way too much.

The last one we visited was so much better. Nobody else was there but the locals. Unfortunately, I couldn't communicate with the locals at all, because they spoke a Berber language that even Daniella didn't know. She was able to talk to some of the adults through a mixture of Arabic and French, but the kids knew nothing of that. 

It was fun trying to figure it out, though - so while Daniella chatted with the adults and Miriam took pictures, I attempted to talk to the kiddos that had been playing in the river (I seriously wanted to jump in with them!). I was able to get the names of a few of them, and we kind of just sat there and laughed at the fact that we couldn't understand one bit of what each other were saying. 

One of the girls kept on asking and asking why I wasn't wearing a head covering (at least that's what I think she asked... she kept pointing at her head covering, and then pointing at my bare head). When I explained that I spoke English, they all repeated it and kind of giggled. Ahhh, we Americans have such good reputations. 

When I mimed that I wanted to take their pictures, they all shook their head and shyed away - a lot of them actually RAN when Miriam came forward with her huge camera. Daniella said that they all it the "evil eye" in the far-off villages. 

It was a super cool experience, and I really hope we get to go out there again. Maybe with a little Berber language under my belt this time?

Other things we did: camels (no riding yet... but later!), tagine (oh, how I love it), orange juice (why is it so good here??), unwanted music (this is why we roll up windows...), creepy guys (and he started out so nice!!), olive groves (gorgeous!), all that jazz...

morocco-camel.jpg miriam-with-camera.jpg

moroccan-tagine-high-atlas.jpg tagine-server.jpg

bridge-high-atlas-mtns.jpg river-in-high-atlas-morocco.jpg

morocco-resort.jpg moroccan-music-high-atlas.jpg

Ooooo, I should mention yesterday too? We spent most of the day relaxing - it was just so darn hot! Walked to the Acima, hung out with the kids, got some new fabric for shirts, and watched a little Doctor Who! 

Loving this place! I have so many more pictures, but I don't want to overwhelm my poor blog! 

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