I finally answer... why are you going to Morocco?

By Jen Lewis

I'm going to get a head start on all the people that will start asking me this question, and answer it right away… as a matter of fact, I'll answer it in a really long, drawn out way, because I have another 3 hours to kill before my flight starts boarding. Maybe I'll get myself a smoothie, too. I need something cool in this ridiculously hot airport. Later.

SO, about four weeks ago, my professor in my business class at the Kilns first introduced the opportunity. He mentioned it in passing, just if anyone was interested—that a lady in Morocco who was starting a tourism business needed someone to come travel with her and help her grow her business in the next two months—May and June. 

So I chatted with him about it and thought about it and prayed about it and talked to my parents about it (that was fun…), and I didn't think I really would go because I've done so many things like this, that I've just bowed out of for one reason or another. Money, weird dates, annoying travel companions, everything has turned me off… but it's mostly because I was scared. 

I get scared easily, although I put on a nice persona of being this ridiculously adventurous traveling sort of person. Not scared of change or adventure… just of making the wrong choice. 

But this time, how scared I was of making a wrong choice was outweighed by how scared I was of staying in Bend for that much longer, going through my same routine.

So I made the choice. 

And so far, I love it. I LOVE traveling alone! Sorry to everyone I've promised to go traveling with in the past… you just meet so many more people when you travel alone. I think you'll all agree with me, and we can all have our own adventures ;)

SO that's my reasoning behind all this, and I'll be able to help someone out with their business at the same time, so it's a fantastic scenario. Ooo, I also get to still work for Smart Solutions a few hours a day, so I can make a li'l money too. 

I'm going to keep on traveling and meeting new people and Morocco is just the start of it! 

I think I'll get my smoothie and read some C.S. Lewis now.

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