About Jen Lewis

Hey! I'm Jen. I've been living in Mendocino County for almost a year. I moved here in October of 2016 for a job with a local coffee roaster. These guys are amazing, and I'm so honored to be living and working in such a cool community. 

A couple things my friends know about me:

  1. I live and breathe digital marketing. From the design to the analytics, to seeing the return on investment, my life has revolved around online marketing for the past nine years of my life
  2. I am beyond obsessed with saltwater. Moving to the Mendocino Coastline has cemented this. I may not dive or surf, but my preferred method of spending time is staring at the ocean. For hours.
  3. I care. It matters to me what I'm doing with my time, whether it's my working hours or my weekends, I want to be doing something that makes a difference, and supporting brands and people who are doing the same. 
  4. I am Oregon grown. No matter where I end up, I'll always be PNW at heart. 
  5. I am always ready for an adventure. I do my best not to shy away from something that will change me, challenge me or take my skill level/bragging rights up a notch. Sometimes that means giving a presentation, and sometimes that means jumping out of a plane... whatever works.

​HEY, let's be friends! 

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Jen Lewis