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Visiting the High Atlas Mountains

5.12.2012 ~ Ahhh, we got to get out of the heat of Marrakech! It's been 100+ this entire time, but up in the mountains it cools down a bit. We might have even got below 85. Ridiculous! Super cool day, lot's of awesome pictures!

My First FULL Day in Marrakech

5.11.2012 ~ Here's a summary of my first full day in Marrakech... May 10th (although this will be posted on May 11th, because I simply cannot stay up that late. Pictures inside!

Finally in Marrakech, Morocco!

5.10.2012 ~ I am in Morocco, safe and sound! Here's everything that happened after arriving in the airport in Marrakech...

My First Impressions of Foggy London Town

5.9.2012 ~ From San Francisco to London! Long, long, long flight, but I got some movies. Oh, and no sleep. My first impressions of the London airport and London town!

I finally answer... why are you going to Morocco?

5.9.2012 ~ WHY on EARTH are you going to MOROCCO, Jennifer? You're crazy! Ridiculous! Too spontaneous! You'll lose your job! You'll get kidnapped! Here's my explanation of why I am going to Morocco...

Hello, San Francisco!

5.8.2012 ~ Sitting in the United Airlines VIP lounge of the San Francisco International Airport right now, killing time until my flight to London... here's a quick wrap up of my last flight...


5.4.2012 ~ Mikayla and I have legitimately been waiting FOREVER to see this film. FOREVER. (okay, since Captain America came out) But seriously - it's been a while! We started waiting in line around 8, got in the theater around 11, started watching the film at 1230. And... we dressed up.

Happy Birthday Tiffy!

5.2.2012 ~ My sister is 21! On most 21st birthdays, there is much drinking, partying, wine, beer and the like... when you're pregnant? Not so much. But we had fun all the same ;)

Paddleboarding in Bend

4.29.2012 ~ Paddleboarding is THE sport of Bend, Oregon. Every person that calls themself an outdoorsman in Central Oregon has been out on the Deschutes with a board... and I'm one of those people!

What Exactly Do You DO?

4.25.2012 ~ You know how often I get asked this question? Let's see... every time I tell people where I work. Let me spell it out for you, people.