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Fes, Meknes, Volubilis and Sleepover!

5.25.2012 ~ I last wrote only two days ago, but SO MUCH has happened! I feel like I have yearssss of blogging to catch up on. I have a million pictures from the last two days, so this should be fun. Lots of traveling, lots of walking and lots of seeing! Roman ruins in Morocco? Oh, yes!

Here We Are in Fes

5.23.2012 ~ Fes! The seven hour train ride finally ended, and we are here in Fes, Morocco! Lots of fountains and stray cats and people greeting us in 3 different languages… I don’t have pictures just yet (all these are Miriam's), but here’s what we’ve been up to!

Last Day in Essaouira, Morocco

5.21.2012 ~ Summary and pictures of our last day in Essaouira! Currently on the way to Fes, so pictures from there will be up in the next couple days. So exciting to see everywhere we’re going—loving Morocco!

Hanging Out in Essaouira!

5.19.2012 ~ Love this place! We've escaped the heat in Marrakech, and we're now in the coastal town of Essaouira. It's just lovely here, and it's so nice to just be on the beach relaxing!

Camels and Classes and Heat, Ohmy!

5.17.212 ~ La! Four days since the last time I wrote... very bad. I apologize. I know you guys are super dedicated to checking back here, so it must have been hard for you the past few days. Let me wrap up the past few days...

Chill Day!

5.13.2012 ~ I like these. On days that it gets above 100 (oh wait, that's everyday), it's super nice to just... chill. That was exactly today! We just hung out at the house and went to the pool and took naps. Absolutely lovely.

Visiting the High Atlas Mountains

5.12.2012 ~ Ahhh, we got to get out of the heat of Marrakech! It's been 100+ this entire time, but up in the mountains it cools down a bit. We might have even got below 85. Ridiculous! Super cool day, lot's of awesome pictures!

My First FULL Day in Marrakech

5.11.2012 ~ Here's a summary of my first full day in Marrakech... May 10th (although this will be posted on May 11th, because I simply cannot stay up that late. Pictures inside!

Finally in Marrakech, Morocco!

5.10.2012 ~ I am in Morocco, safe and sound! Here's everything that happened after arriving in the airport in Marrakech...

My First Impressions of Foggy London Town

5.9.2012 ~ From San Francisco to London! Long, long, long flight, but I got some movies. Oh, and no sleep. My first impressions of the London airport and London town!