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Eating, Buying, Supporting Local Bend Oregon

Buying local can be expensive. And difficult. And super rewarding. This month, I'm trying to be better at buying things locally here in Bend, Oregon. And by better, I mean buying EVERYTHING local.

Philadelphia Tourists

But seriously. Philadelphia is awesome, and I'm so glad I got the chance to visit with the Justice Conference! SO much fun in this city with these people!

Races for 2013!

If you want me to run a race, you've got to make it pretty exciting. Obstacles, bubbles, colors, foam - give me something to laugh at or swim through, and I'm a lot more likely to pay money for your silly race.

I'm Gonna Pop Some Tags... (thrift shopping)

I feel like it should be noted that I did go thrift shopping before that song came out... but it did re-spike my interest in the whole thing. Plus, I'm poor and I like cheap things!

Pitch Perfect

I have more than a little obsession with this movie right now.

Good Luck, 2013

Good luck, 2013 - you're going to need it if you're want to try to top 2012.

Happy Birthday, Sister! (anime gif version)

My sister turns sixteen today, which is super crazy! So, here is my advice and GIF-filled blog post to her.

Life is Oh so Good and oh so Busy!

9.17.2012 ~ There's so much to catch up on - San Francisco, moving out, first week of classes, new car, new life - ahhhh, it's too much! Here's a quick update, because who KNOWS when I'll get another second to sit down and do this!

Learning from TOMS!

8.18.2012 ~ Discuss what you think we as a society can learn from a business like TOMS and the One for One business model.

Summer So Far

8.1.2012 ~ Oh, it's only been a month... come on! How much could've happened? Well, here it is. My summer (back in Bend) so far!