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Chill Day!

5.13.2012 ~ I like these. On days that it gets above 100 (oh wait, that's everyday), it's super nice to just... chill. That was exactly today! We just hung out at the house and went to the pool and took naps. Absolutely lovely.

Visiting the High Atlas Mountains

5.12.2012 ~ Ahhh, we got to get out of the heat of Marrakech! It's been 100+ this entire time, but up in the mountains it cools down a bit. We might have even got below 85. Ridiculous! Super cool day, lot's of awesome pictures!

My First FULL Day in Marrakech

5.11.2012 ~ Here's a summary of my first full day in Marrakech... May 10th (although this will be posted on May 11th, because I simply cannot stay up that late. Pictures inside!

Finally in Marrakech, Morocco!

5.10.2012 ~ I am in Morocco, safe and sound! Here's everything that happened after arriving in the airport in Marrakech...

My First Impressions of Foggy London Town

5.9.2012 ~ From San Francisco to London! Long, long, long flight, but I got some movies. Oh, and no sleep. My first impressions of the London airport and London town!

I finally answer... why are you going to Morocco?

5.9.2012 ~ WHY on EARTH are you going to MOROCCO, Jennifer? You're crazy! Ridiculous! Too spontaneous! You'll lose your job! You'll get kidnapped! Here's my explanation of why I am going to Morocco...

Hello, San Francisco!

5.8.2012 ~ Sitting in the United Airlines VIP lounge of the San Francisco International Airport right now, killing time until my flight to London... here's a quick wrap up of my last flight...


5.4.2012 ~ Mikayla and I have legitimately been waiting FOREVER to see this film. FOREVER. (okay, since Captain America came out) But seriously - it's been a while! We started waiting in line around 8, got in the theater around 11, started watching the film at 1230. And... we dressed up.

Happy Birthday Tiffy!

5.2.2012 ~ My sister is 21! On most 21st birthdays, there is much drinking, partying, wine, beer and the like... when you're pregnant? Not so much. But we had fun all the same ;)

Paddleboarding in Bend

4.29.2012 ~ Paddleboarding is THE sport of Bend, Oregon. Every person that calls themself an outdoorsman in Central Oregon has been out on the Deschutes with a board... and I'm one of those people!