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My Lovely, Lovely Night in London.

7.3.2012 ~ Hellooooooooooo again, my fair London! Last time we met, all I got to see was your airport… this time? Oh, let’s see it all, shall we?

Farewell Morocco!

7.3.2012 ~ It is finished! So sad to say goodbye, so weird to go back to America, so amazing that I was able to have this experience. I’m so blessed. This blog post is my last day in Marrakech…

Canyoneering in Morocco!

6.30.2012 ~ Canyoneering is AMAZING! Super fun last thing to do in Morocco – everyone needs to try it!! Loveeeeeee. So beautiful, so wet, so fun!

A Little Update on Me!

6.29.2012 ~ It's three days and counting until I fly out of Morocco! It's crazy to think of how FAST the past 8 weeks have gone. Here's what I'm thinking and what's happened...

Back in Agadir!

6.29.2012 ~ We went back to Agadir! As the start to my last week in Morocco (!!!), we took a little trip to the ocean. One last time on the Africa coast! It was hothothot, but so good to be over there again!

Moroccan Dance Festival

6.25.2012 ~ Daniella and I bought tickets to a Moroccan dance festival in Marrakech the other night, and it was fantastic! It was an awesome glimpse into the dances and songs of traditional Morocco.

Moroccan Wedding (I went to one!)

6.22.2012 ~ I GOT TO GO TO A WEDDING! Super cool night. Super cool dress. Super cool dancing and pictures!

Off to Agadir, Morocco

6.22.2012 ~ On Monday, we took a trip to Agadir and got to see more of the beautiful Moroccan coast! This city is gorgeous, and definitely worth a second trip! (which we're taking THIS monday!)

This is Not Okay

6.21.2012 ~ One thing you shouldn't do in Marrakech, Morocco - look at the weather forecast.

And That Was My Hand...

6.15.2012 ~ Welp, I sliced into my hand with a serrated knife! Very exciting experience. Lots of blood. Lots of stitches. Warning: icky pictures are in this blog post. Ye be warned.